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About Us

Maal's emphasis on regulatory compliance and biometric facial solutions for digital asset security and recovery is set to drive global innovation and enhance business processes. With its secure, efficient, and cost-effective transaction capabilities, the Maal blockchain is a transformative force in the industry. In summary, Maal is a powerful tool with the potential to revolutionize global business interactions.

Maal Architecture

Maal uses a bridged proof-of-stake blockchain for faster and cheaper transactions, allowing developers to create custom blockchains with specific parameters and rules. It also includes support for popular Ethereum tools, making app development and deployment easier. Maal blockchain is built with a three-layer architecture that ensures efficiency, scalability, and security.

Bridge Oracle Relay(BOR)

BOR enhances efficiency and reduces processing overhead by prioritizing high-paying transactions and processing them in batches. It enables cross-chain communication and data transfer, enhancing flexibility and interoperability for Maal. Supporting multiple shard chains, BOR promotes decentralization, lowers transaction costs, and facilitates cross-chain interactions, resulting in improved scalability, security, and efficiency for Maal.

Concept of Identity

The primary objective of this technology is to prevent fraud, money laundering, and ensure transparent retrieval and asset recovery. It achieves these goals while preserving identity and client privacy within the blockchain, ensuring that digital assets remain under the complete control of their owners.

• Validators employ the Concept-of-Identity to authenticate users, ensuring regulatory compliance, security, and the integrity of the blockchain while upholding Maqasid Al Shariah principles. Validators undergo rigorous KYC and AML checks to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate their comprehension of Maqasid Al Shariah principles.

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