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Maal Validator

The doors are open for 150 exclusive validators via the Maal DAO, the first EVM DAO structure for validators!

This is your chance to join the MaalChain and propel the evolution of blockchain. Whether you're an experienced validator or eager to embark on this exciting journey, there could be a place for you in our dynamic ecosystem.

Exclusive opportunity awaits you…

  1. Transaction Revenue - earned from processing transactions!

  2. Maal Coin Price Appreciation – earned from increase in Maal price!

The foundation of MaalChain is built upon its validators.

With Maal Chain's revolutionary three-tier structure, you'll experience a new level of validation efficiency, voting rights and fair rewards.

Ready to shape the future of Blockchain? Apply now for a chance to be a part of Maal Chain's pioneering vision. Your journey starts here.

Contact us to book a session and we will share the opportunity.

Remember, only 150 seeds for lifetime as a DAO validators on MaalChain!

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